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Ann Finley


How do you pick your agent?  

Do you look at their sales numbers and credentials, or look for the person behind the numbers?

Here is a little about me, and why you want me to be your agent:

My previous careers, both at Emory University and as an independent artist, allow me to bring some unique skills to the table.  My counseling background helps me listen to what you are saying (or not saying) and reason through emotional decisions.  My creative talents allow me to come up with unique ways to present and market your home. As a mom to 2 dogs and 2 cats it is easy for me to understand the priority you place on your pet's needs when searching for a home.

In addition, I will work hard for you, and will tell you the truth – not what you want to hear.  I am organized, thorough, and anticipate your needs.

In short, I will handle your transaction the way I want all mine to be handled.

Why real estate?

The first two home purchases I made could not have gone worse.  My agents were not helpful, and at times, even difficult to reach.  I thought real estate transactions were destined to be stressful, awful experiences.  When I purchased my third house (with a different realtor,) I was amazed at how easy the process was.  I promised myself I would be that realtor.

A little about me:

I grew up in Dumont, NJ, received a BA from Rutgers University, and an M.Ed in Counseling from the College of New Jersey.  My first job was at Emory University, where I worked for 18 years.  I left Emory to start IronCraft Folk Art, and made steel sculpture. After 10 years, I sold that business to become a jeweler, participating in art festivals around the country.  After another 8 years, I became tired of the travel, got my real estate license, and here I am…..

I continue to make jewelry my spare time and volunteer with the Metals Arts Guild of Georgia, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and the Decatur Arts Festival, and will occasionally show my work.

I am a the coordinator of the Laurel Ridge/Shamrock Civic Association's Neighborhood Watch.

I have always loved animals, and created a line of jewelry called Barking Cat® Jewelry, which I use to help non-profit rescue groups raise funds.  My children are furry – 2 dogs, 2 indoor cats, and 2 outdoor feral cats that I have been trying to domesticate, for 6 years so far.

I also like music.  In my spare time, I play keyboards, guitar, and saxophone (although I'm really bad at the sax.)  I don't inflict my music on anyone except for a small group that gathers weekly in the comforts of someone's home. These days the gathering is even smaller, and usually outside someone's home.

So, that's it

When you work with me, you work with someone who cares about making sure you have all the information you need to make good decisions and have a stress free transaction. 

Want to know more?  Call me at 404.276.8290

"Having moved out of state before our house was listed, Ann took over the day to day duties associated with selling our house. We ended up with multiple offers shortly after it went on the market and she guided us through the entire process with great advice and knowledge. We couldn't be more pleased with her and would highly recommend her to anyone."

  -G. Bang, Client

"We had a great experience with Ann Finley in both selling our home and purchasing a new home. She had a great understanding of the market in our area and was available and helpful to us at all times. We highly recommend Ann Finley. "

  -Myra Hager, Client

"Ann did an outstanding job for us at every phase of our sale. We have sold homes in the past but this was the smoothest transition for sure. I have recommended her to my daughter ( she is now Ann's client), for her first house search and would recommend her to any of my friends."

  -Annette Poole, Friend

"Ann was great to work with throughout the whole process of selling my house and buying another. She was easy to reach when I had a question or needed advice, and helped alleviate much of the stress that comes with buying and selling houses. She really went to bat for me to ensure that I got the best deal possible for the house I was selling, then made sure that I found a new home that I absolutely love, that was in my price range. She really seemed to understand what I was looking for and made sure that I got it"

  -Tara Parker, Client

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